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Child and Adult Developmental Disabilities (DD)

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The following impacts signature requirements for all documents related to Adult Developmental Disability (DD) services, including application, assessment, and plan/addendum submission and prior authorization.

Idaho law requires that all guardianships and conservatorships have been issued by an Idaho court, transferred from another court with jurisdiction accepted by Idaho, or registered in the Idaho state courts. If the guardianship or conservatorship originated in another state (foreign guardianship/conservatorship), Idaho law requires it be registered or transferred with an Idaho court assuming jurisdiction. This is referenced in Title 15, Chapter 13, Parts 3 and 4 of Idaho Code. In order to ensure all actions that are taken by the Department are legal and enforceable, the following will apply to all individuals in the Adult DD program who have a foreign guardianship/conservatorship:

Guardians/conservators holding foreign guardianships/conservatorships must register and/or transfer that guardianship/conservatorship to Idaho courts.

Participants with foreign guardianship/conservatorship must sign all documents that require signature until the foreign guardianship has been registered and/or transferred to Idaho courts. Additionally, in guardianships/conservatorships issued to more than one guardian/conservator (i.e. co-guardianship/co-conservatorship), the use of “and” or “or” in the order dictates which party(ies) signature is required. When “and” is used, all guardians/conservators must sign on behalf of the ward. When “or” is used, signature by either co-guardian/co-conservator will suffice.

If you need additional information regarding signature requirements for the Adult DD program, please contact:

Region 1
Phone- (208) 769-1567
Region 2
Phone- (208) 799-4430
Region 3
Phone- (208) 334-0940 Option #3
Region 4
Phone- (208) 334-0940 Option #3
Region 5
Phone- (208) 736-3024
Region 6
Phone- (208) 239-6260
Region 7
Phone- (208) 528-5750

The above information will also be included in the January 2023 MedicAide Newsletter.

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